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They did a fantastic job on my driveway. Ron and his crew are personal, honest, courteous, professional and meticulous! Their attention to detail makes the finished product look great. I would recommend them to anyone that wants a quality job done the right way!

- Maureen, facebook

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Quality Asphalt Driveways and Paving Services

For forty years, R. Brien Paving has paved driveway for homes, developed parking lots for businesses and completed many projects for towns in Blackstone Valley, Norfolk county, and throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. While asphalt is a consistent product, we know that you and your needs are unique, so we take the time to understand your needs and deliver quality service - from initial quote to finished product. Our goal is to earn your business and provide you with a driveway that lasts, and a positive experience that lasts just as long. Our grading, paving, excavation and construction crews take great pride in delivering quality work, assuring the highest level of performance and prompt service.

Commercial Lot Paving

Hino Truck - a Toyota company

Hino Truck Dealership

A recent commercial project for a fully excavated and paved lot for a commercial Hino Truck (a division of Toyota) dealer in Massachusetts. As a commercial and residential contractor we can handle jobs of any size.

New Driveway For A Home

New asphalt driveway at a home in Rhode Island

A Home in Rhode Island

Here is a recent driveway that we finished. During paving of a driveway Proper tie-in to existing asphalt at the edge of the driveway and proper drainage sloping are key.

Cemetary Gets A New Road

St. John's Cemetary in Blackstone MA

Precious Blood Cemetary

We recently completed excavation and paving for Precious Blood in Blackstone MA, where we repaved St. John The Baptist cemetary.

Local Carpet Business

image of a planet called Pegasi B

DRL Carpet

DRL carpet recently moved into a new showroom, adding a new parking lot as part of the total rennovation.

A Residential Driveway

image of a planet called Pegasi B

Layer 1 Binder Coat Application

Here we are putting a binder coat on a longer residential driveway. We always use a two coat process to ensure longer driveway life.

Residential Excavating

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Rip and Replace

This is the excavation phase for a new driveway. Once the old driveway is removed, the area is properly graded and prepped for the new asphalt.

Fill, Patch or Replace your driveway?

A combination of elements and use can take a toll on an asphalt driveway. Things you don’t want to happen, like cracks, depressions or heaves start to occur. Being proactive is the best approach, but sometimes things get to a point where you have to ask yourself, do I fill, patch, or replace my driveway?

This guide was made to help you understand each option, so that you make the right choice and get as much mileage out of your driveway as you can. Get the guide.